Who we are
Ortofrutticola Messinese s.n.c. company was born in Messina in 1963 thanks to some entrepreneurs of Messina; in 2011 it has become Ltd. and handles:

Using the faculty and the possibility of promoting and participating to consortiums, groupings of enterprises, cooperatives and assuming participations in other companies, Ortofrutticola Messinese Ltd. has as its objectives the exploitation of the local products and the development of the foreign trade.
Owner of a great area containing Messina's Fruit and Vegetable Market, Ortrofrutticola Messinese Ltd. has acquired competences and professionalism in managing commercial structures that focus on the trade of fruit and vegetable products, foods and drinks, through the years.
Ortofrutticola Messinese Ltd. is equipped with a compulsory ethic code for partners, administrative authorities, employees and trade operators who enter the Fruit and Vegetable Market.